I've just chopped my old edge in for a 1.4 zetec, had it for about two weeks now but my exhaust sounds a lot different from my old one. Have taken it back to my dealer and was told to wait a week to see if it would stop doing it or worsen and it doesn't seem to be getting any better! I was told it could be micro fibers stuck in there that needed to clear and have been on two pretty long journeys as well as city driving so in theory if it was that it should have had time to clear out! After taking it back yesterday I was told that on the new zetecs they have changed the exhaust to make it sound more sporty :/ aparently! Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this too? It sounds really rough, like it could have a hole in. It's not all the time more so when I first turn the car on but I've noticed it doing it whilst I'm driving too..?