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Full Version: Loud Like Gringing Sound
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Hiya All

my qustion is that, my fiesta mk6 is now makeing a wierd like scrapping-grinding sound when slowing down, Ihave checked the gears work all ok and all is still smooth changing (even with one finger) reverse goes in nice too. I then checked the clucth goes down and up ok this seems to be fine.I then checked if it the gears when i slow down and what i noticed is that this noise happends when i slow down would it be possible that it is the brakes.My car is second hand and was from what i know on the car shop for about 8 months and would this cause rust on the brake disks or pads. I am going to have a look saturday when off work with all help needed what should i look for and test to find the problem.

Regards thanks again all
Brakes are the most likely culprit, just friction of the pads and the disks. Given the duff weather we have had recently, it is likely that a change will have caused some change to your car, even a layer of surface rust on the brake disks could cause this issue for you!
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]I had the same grinding sound from the rear off side wheel last week, I am sure it was grit getting on to the rear brake pads from a newly surfaced road that I had just been on, it cleared after a few miles and never returned; the other possibility is that you have worn brake pads, these are easy to replace.[/font][/size][/color]
if its happening even after you have been driving for a while then i suspect its not just surface rust on the discs, this tends to rub off very quickly. pulling up to a couple of junction is probably enough.
one thing i do find quite often is that cheap brake discs do rust more and faster than good quality discs.

it is definitely worth while checking the brakes out though if you are concerned
Had this on our SportKA. I was hoping it would wear off but it didn't. The rust was to deep as it maust have been standing for some time prior to buying it from a dealer. I changed the disks and pads in the end. Easy job and not very expensive if you buy the parts via eBay.

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