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Full Version: Titainum X Sport 200 Bhp Miles Per Gallon
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hi guys i have recently bought a titainum x 200 hp diesel i am only getting 37 mpg even if i drive at 40 mph every where
the spec on the car said 47 combined but im miles away ford have looked at the car and say its running the correct map so im just wondering if this is normal ? if so how can ford be so far out with their figures ? thanks neil.
is that 37mpg on the computer or working it out by brimming the tank...
I have the same car, 34mpg average for me. 40 mpg on longer journeys, motorways etc. Mine surges on tickover sometimes when I start it so ford looked at it and it seems the mpg is about it even though the official figures are way higher, joke really.
Our willie
I've got the 176 bhp 2.2 2009 best I can get is 38 mpg

I have a 2005 130bhp tdci titanium x Im getting 43mpg at the moment driving @ 60mph on  dual carriage ways very little traffic using the display.

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If I'm driving at 60 with cruse on n not busy road I to can get between forty n forty five mpg, but as soon as your driving normal conditions , it drops to 35/ 40 mpg again, so overall best average consumption is 38 mpg

Weight in the car, temperature and conditions, traffic and exact road speed, driving style, tyre make/ model and pressures, accessories such as AC, heated windscreen, seats being on etc etc


The cabin heater can take a lot of heat out of the car, reducing efficiency and putting the axiliary electric heater on (if fitted)  

Short journeys can also reduce MPG -

Once the weather warms up the MPG should go up a bit  

The Admiral

does anyone get the actual figures as per claimed in the catalogue? I've had all MK's of the Mondeo and none have ever done what said in the brochure?, As previously said in this topic these figures are a joke as there done in a controlled environment which can't be replicated in the real world.

Our willie
There was a bloke on hear flaming to get 800+ to the tank on a mk4 2.2 titanium x sport, that's nearly 60 mpg steady ! My car gets 37 mpg average n I'm very happy with that, and think it's very good for the country roads of the highlands of scotland, and a car with 175 bhp and nearly 1 3/4 tons! I find it very hard to believe that someone could get neary twice that , for a hole tank!

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