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Full Version: Brake Conversion 1.6 Tdci
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Hello All,

I'll start with a honest opinion... My Brakes are SHOCKING!! or at least they are compared to my old mk1.5 Focus and my partners mk2.5 1.8.

I have put this down to the fact both there have discs all round.

Now, on my new car I have drums on the rear, despite being serviced and looked at, i still dont feel confident in the Brakes.

Anyone taken the discs and assorted bits from the 1.8 or 2.0 TDCi and put them on their 1.6?? If so what bits do i need and how easy is it??


very surprised i have the drums rear and disks up front and stopping power is very good even on worn pads maybe its the extra weight of that diesel as for changing them im sure you need to replace the rear hubs i might be wrong though
My brakes are fantastic i got a 1.6 tdci with rear drums, do a brake fluid change that can make a world of diffrence.
My brakes are also shocking, nearly die every time I drive Sarah's 52 reg Polo and we fly into the windscreen. Then I get used to it and can't stop in my Focus. Been like that since the day I bought it (just over a year ago, second hand of course).
Perhaps you may be better changing the friction pad material first before going down the route of modding the car (if possible). Try EBC Green Stuff - get good reviews on other forums.
Ah EBC... They used to come away from the backing plates in the early days lol!!

I used to have a set of mintex e-tech on my old fiesta, they were great...

It's going in for a service on Wednesday so I'll get them to look over it and see what they think. But it's been shocking since I bought it! Lol

I after Wednesday they are still awful I will look into upgrading the pads and discs, then look at conversions after that if still no joy!

No problems with mine.

Is it a case of you experiencing problems with the braking efficiency. And just assuming that, as there are drums on the rear axle it must be those causing the problem?

Ford will have ensured the brakes set up, be it drums on the rear axle is up to the job. So like others have said, I'd look to it being a need to have the brakes serviced.............which I see your getting done
I haev to be honest, I noticed a difference when I went from the 2 disk 2 drum through to the four disk on my Cee'd. It does improve the performance IMHO, you can replace the drums to disks, however you only have to bear in mind how you are going to manage the handbreak. My four disks on the cee'd have a mini drum just for the handbrake in the centre of the disk...
In my 1.6 with rear drums only just over a year old, and the breaks aren't half as good as anything else I have driven. For me this is probably the only thing I don't like about the focus as after driving golfs and Astras as company cars both had 4 disks and even my old 1999 Yaris seemed much sharper stopping. I have driven a friends st and this didn't have the problem at all as 4 disks. Maybe other focus models with rear disks maybe retrofitted, as this will have a handbreak mechanism already built in? The handbreak cable may also need to be fitted but should be a straight swap

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