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Full Version: A/c Drain
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hi guys just need some info i know the aircon has a drain in the drivers side footwell but are there any others?
come on guys all these geniuses on here no idea lol i havent either
Im soz mate im not sure too :-(

Surely someone knows

Reading my Haynes, the reference is to the Evaporator Drain Tube and states there is only one. (Chapter 3 Section 12 Paragraph 34)
[size=6][sub]If you mean a drain for the gas, I thought you could only use the high [/sub][/size][size=6][sub] or low pressure pipes in the engine bay. The only drain I know of is for the condensation and although it drains to under the engine, I dont know where it is connected.[/sub][/size]
just needed to be sure there was only one its in the drivers side footwell behind the kickplate on the left hand side pull the insulation back a little and youll find it the drain hole is in the exhaust tunnel just above the subframe just cleaning it out to make sure its all free from crap thanks stoney that saved me routing around under the dash anymore searching for others most cars ive had had a drain each side thats the only reason i asked guys cheers :)
You're welcome.
Reading my manual was an eye opener for me.
Apparently if the full aircon unit needs replacing it's a full dash strip and front doors off too. Scary and expensive.
well when you replace th epollen filter thats where the heater matrix is directly in front of it and many aircon pipes are directly behind the dash scary as you say makes you wonder why they cant make these things more accessiblke for even there own mechanics
Has anyone noticed a puddle of water dripping in front of the drivers side front wheel. At first I thought it was a leaking washer bottle but it now looks like condensation from the aircon pipe just above the wheel.
the drains under the middle of the car nowhere near the front wheel mate
scrap that it will be condensation from the evaporator behind the front bumper drivers side

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