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Full Version: Cars Of Today, Classics Of The Future?
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So... do you think some of the cars today will become the classics of the future in the same way the capris, escorts, sierras etc, have become classics from their time?

When you see old photos and tv programmes with car forecourts in them seeing those beauties sitting there brand new waiting to be someones pride and joy for years, or maybe even decades. And the day they earnt their name as... a classic car!

Do you ever think the car forecourts of today may contain a future classic? Which cars do you think of when you hear the word classic?
I dont think theres room to call any of the modern cars the classic. Bearing in mind the classics where the bog basis of motoring inginuity, the very start of the motoring trade, and with the most basic technology to get the car from a to b as possible, and I really dont think that cars with our level of technology could ever be deemed a classic!

right now a classic means a fantastic piece of inginuity, which started the ball rolling and made a massive play on the modern day world, when our cars are old enough to be deemed "classics" they will be "classics" roughly translated to "old codgers" of the motoring world.

I think the likes of the "suzuki lliana" and the likes of the car that didnt really sell a great amount, would possibly be deemed a classic in years to come, perhaps even then, the "nissan pixo" (I believe that the bog basic is four wheels, electric PAS, stereo - end of list!) might qualify!

But to keep the true "classics" meaning, the one car that in decades time people wish they had... I think it has to be the Cee'd (Its a top gear car, its obviously cool ;))
...on a more serious note, I really dont know what would be wanted. I mean you have the top of the level Merc SLK mclaren - No one will be able to afford those in years to come. But perhaps, the only one I can really think of now is the likes of the old Focus RS, as I dont believe that there is any intention to bring out a new focus RS on the new shape. so perhaps the legacy ends at the MK2.5, again a fantastic car, you may not be able to get, and maybe it will be deemed the right kind of classic!
Its hard to see my Mondeo as a classic, but then it was hard to see my Mk1 Capri as a classic at the time
To be completly honest i reckon todays 1.8TDCi focus will be a classic in the future because it doesnt have a DPF as standard and the 2.5ltr turbo focus RS will be a classic aswell as the ST and the fiesta st due to their high powered engines,

in the future we wont have a 2.5ltr turbo engine but instead we will have a 1.1ltr twin turbo petrol engine at around 90-110bhp and running at 70mpg or the electric cars and diesels with DPF's
I agree with what you say Jeebo. A classic to me really means "rough and ready" like the old skool fords! As for now i can't really see a modern car with all the mod cons being a classic. Maybe we will just have to wait and see what the future holds and see what does become of the cars today.

Pete - Wow, did you own the capri from new? :o I wish i was around when the capris came out, as it sounded like my mum and dad had a great time running around in my dads mk3 3.0s! :wub:

And Lenny I see what you mean. Even the Golf R32 is not longer a 3.2, just a plain R with a 2.0 turbo! Wonder what the next one will be!

Personally my fez should be one seeing as its a 30th anniversary of a classic. ^_^
I hope if I ever have kids one day I can say I had a MK1 Focus and they will stare at me in awe and ask questions about it. Either that or they'll laugh :P
[quote name='Jammin0990' timestamp='1340332345' post='188462']
I hope if I ever have kids one day I can say I had a MK1 Focus and they will stare at me in awe and ask questions about it. Either that or they'll laugh :P

ive got two little girls aged 3 and 5 they love the focus already and draw pictures of it lol
so your kids will love your car too mate
Ross M
Good thing my dad has kept hold of how MK1 rs then! :D I was having the very same chat about this with a friend of mine.

What will be classics, what makes a classic and so on B)

Just throwing it out there (Racing Puma) ;) I've always had a soft spot for these :D
My friend has rebuilt his Mk2 Ford Escort RS1600 and it sits in his Dads garage just waiting for the day. Just looking at it brings back memories of Mikkola and Clark thrashing everything in sight!
I think the fiat 500 will do full circle again. along with my mint 1993 xr2i.

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