[size=6]Mobil 1 Racing Academy![/size]

Fancy seeing your name on an McLaren F1? You can have a chance by simply playing a game! By playing Mobil 1 Racing Academy you have got the chance to have your name on F1 champions Lewis Hamilton's and Jenson Button's F1 cars or NASCAR champion Tony Stewart's racing car. All you have got to do is [b]come in the top 20 on the monthly leader board[/b] to get your name on their cars in November.

Mobil 1 Racing Academy lets you follow in the footsteps of two racing legends in the Mobil 1 Racing Academy. Try your hand at going from Go Karting, to Formula 3 and then become an F1 driver alongside Lewis Hamilton. Or you can follow Tony Stewart and start in Midget Car racing then fight your way into IndyCar and finally reach the top by racing in NASCAR. If you want a chance to win you will have to get racing because[b] the game will only be on the owners club for 6 weeks![/b]

[size=5][url="http://fordownersclub.com/games/mobil-1-racing-academy"]Play the game to enter the competition[/url][/size]

[b]Also add your scores here in this thread! Lets see who's good at the game![/b]