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Full Version: Focus Mk1 Exhaust, Modification 1.8/2.0
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Hey guys,
I'm a ford enthusiast and have just joined the forum and this is my reason but hello everyone first.

I have a 1.8 mk1 focus that I want to modify. I would like to put a cat back system on my car at some point. I haven’t done this yet because I do want to Decat it aswell. Now I have tried to do it cheap and bought a stainless manifold ready which decats and it also comes with the mid section flexi pipe too to join before the aftermarket catback system.
So originally header/manifold - cat - flexi pipe (mid section) - cat back system.
To what I want Stainless manifold - Stainless flex pipe (mid section) - Aftermarket stainless exhaust system.

I want the extra power but I want to be able to pass my MOT too.

So I want to be able to basically plop back in my old header and cat when my MOT is due to allow it to pass the emissions.
My first problem I have reached is where after the catback system is done the stainless flexi section can join this and fixes the flange with 2 bolt fastenings but the other end of the flexi has a 3 bolt flange to allow to join to the stainless manifold. So what I wanted to originally do was to just taking out the manifold and replacing the cat and header for MOT day. However I cannot do that now because of this 3 bolt flange due to the fact the cat is a 2 bolt flange.

So there’s a couple of ways of going about it I will at this stage have to remove both the manifold and stainless flexi to replace with the original parts which is twice the work I wanted to have to do, but the main point is this possible without lifting the car on ramps as I do not have access to do this because the flexi pipe bends up and through it could be very difficult to remove just on axle stands? Thats the main question.

If there is anyone on this forum that can help with this or has done something like this and can help be much appreciated. Or if anyone knows say of some 3 bolt flange to 2 bolt flange exhaust adaptor that I am not aware of that might help.
Thanks Guys
68 views and no replies oww dear.....
Hi mate,
i have yet to do anything with my exhaust but i work in the pharmaceutical industry where we connect and disconnect pipes all of the time depending on the process for the different reactors, anyways this relates to your problem because:

we use 1.5inch and 2.5inch pipes with flush ends that line up and get held in place by a triclover clap and teflon seal,
so it may be possible to have the end of your pipes manufactured in the same way, so then you just put them next to each other and secure with the butterfly clamp resulting in a tight connection but only a butterfly nut to secure them,

ill try get some pictures for you to better explain.
[quote name='Fozza' timestamp='1339958771' post='187774']
68 views and no replies oww dear.....

perhaps thats 68 views from people curious about what your modification is and they dont actually know the answer your looking for.

just need to be patient mate.

but tbh, i dont think you will have any problems doing this exhuast with the car on axle stands. i know the 1.6 is a bit different as the manifold is at the rear of the engine but it was an easy enough exhaust to replace
I don't think I can do it like that Lenny but good sugestion really its a lot of work to refabricate it all so I don't think I would do that. I'm just abit concious of getting that flexi pipe out as it bends.

Did you two guys understand what i said above or would some pictures be better if I could source something together?


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