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Full Version: 2012F Usb Iphone Issue
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[color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,]I own a 2012 Focus S model. So I only have that simple radio screen.[/font][/color]
[color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,]I ironically wanted to see what would happen if I played a video from my camera roll, suddenly the screen started generating numbers and changes it every 2 secs[/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=verdana, geneva, lucida,]Now after this, I'm not able to choose playlists, albumes, nor artists with my iphone and my iPad. But it works fine when I use a flash memory!(Weird!)[/font][/color]

Here is a fast video shows my problem.

What do you guys suggest? would unplugging the negative cable would work? as it will reset the whole ecu.
Hi Icoder

How long has it been doing that.

I would take your car in and ask for them to update the bluetooth module and all other modules asociated with the head unit

Is your ipod/ipad updated to the latest software version.

It started doing that right after I played a video from my camera roll.

My iDevices are all using 5.0.1

The weird thing it completely works fine with flash memories, Hard disk

What Bluetooth module ? I don't have Bluetooth in my car. Or maybe I do. The car is 4 days old

I just tried my sister 5.1.1 iPhone and still having the same issue.
I want to reset the system, would take of the negative cable would do it ?
id take it to ford rather than mess with it and say it went faulty
Thanks for your reply guys

Unplugged the battery for 10 mins and now everything is working great.

Looks like the system saves each device or similar devices settings individually that's why it was working fine with flash memories and hard disks but not for iOS devices
TheDREW fiesta titanium
i had this problem with my fiesta titanium and finally found out how to fix it, [color="#ff0000"][background=rgb(255, 255, 0)]Ford1[/background][/color] to 10 is correct but you need to update your system on the ford website: [url=""][color="#181818"][/color][/url] then follow the instructions, make sure when you extract the files to your USB that they are the up most visible files, do not put them in to a folder, and then follow the installation instructions that they have provided, enjoy switching through playlists with voice control.
Thanks for your reply. I've tried the update it does not work though. The screen keep showing, USB No files.

Are you sure this works with my S model? I don't have a touch screen.

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