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Full Version: Removing Standard Headunit For After Market One.
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Afternoon Everyone

having just brought a mk2 focus 2005. im debating to either keep the standard double din head unit in place, or fit my single din unit form my old motor. As it has Bluetooth handsfree and iphone ready.

has anyone got photo's of going from factory unit to single aftermarket unit?

hope you guys can help.

You will need a single din radio fascia with the mounting cage and associated brackets, eBay do the kits for reasonable money.
You will also need a loom adaptor specific to your replacement radio so as to connect to the Ford quadlock connector.
Last thing you will need is an adaptor to allow you to retain the steering remote stalk functionality.
Don't forget a set of radio removal keys to take the standard one out too.
yeah. i seen the kits for it on ebay. i was wondering if anyone has any photo's of there after market ones fitted. as the standard ones look nice and dont want 2 ruin the look inside.

so still debating what to do.

You could always do as i did and just upgrade from one Ford radio to another.


is that radio from the ghia models? it does look smart. but one i have spare is a single din unit. jus dont want to spend money and it looks pants.

hence seeing if anyone else has done the same from double din 2 single.

but your words on wiring i will need has been helpful, thanks clive
I think the Sony radio was an optional upgrade on most Focus and standard on ST and RS.
Mine is the 6 disc changer model and is excellent.
Far better sound than the standard Visteon head units.
I did toy with the idea of changing to a single din unit at first but decided to stay with a standard Ford double din as i like the look.
yeah thats my problem, go for the after market look, or keep the interior mostly stock. do like your sony unit tho :D

how much did that set u back if u dont mind me asking.
It was £90 on eBay which was a steal seeing that it was mint condition, from Ford they are about £600.
I had made the seller an offer of £120 which he declined stating he wanted to let the auction run it's course.
Imagine how silly he must of felt when i won the auction for less than i'd offered.
The only thing you have to be sure of when buying radios off eBay is that they are not Mondeo ones as they are similar in appearance but they are a different shape (longer, narrower and the front plate is wedged).
Any one listed for the Focus or Fiesta will be good.
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1340140779' post='188099']
I think the Sony radio was an optional upgrade on most Focus and standard on ST and RS.
Mine is the 6 disc changer model and is excellent.


These units, (sony) were also fitted in the titanium models as standard.
ah right okies. i'll have a look into them headunits, jus dont wanna spend more money when i alrdy have a aftermarket one.

no one has posted photo's of there single units, and cant find them on google either...i guess not many people changed them
I fitted a single-DIN aftermarket unit to my Mk2 Focus about 6 months ago

Have a look at the final post in this thread

The face plate was a tight fit, and the storage pocket below needed a little adjustment, but it was quick, easy and cheap. 30 for the lot including leads to use the stalk controls (which work perfectly)

There's some part numbers in there that you may find useful

Note that the stalk control cables are a 2-part item. One part is for the make/model of car, the other part is for your specific brand of head unit. Also note that it's a bit tight back there for fitting the extra wiring in!
thanks alot for that dave. u have the same colour car as well :D good choice haha.

very good info u have left for me, and the photo's are brilliant, there are so many different plates out there. and i have the same style kenwood unit.
You're welcome Millsy, very happy to help :-)
morning dave. is this what i need to replace mine? as found this on ebay|Plat_Gen%3AMK+II&hash=item2569a1dee4
The face place, aerial adaptor and removal keys look fine.

But I don't know about the wiring harness - it makes no mention of making your aftermarket head unit work with the steering column audio controls.

To do so there would need to be a small box of electronics that is specific to Ford cars (to translate the Kenwood signal into one that the Ford can understand, which is a different signal to Vauxhall, Renault etc) and a dedicated connector for your brand of head unit (the connector at the rear of your Kenwood is different to that on the rear of a Sony or Alpine).

Contact the seller and ask them *exactly* what this harness does and does not do. Ford and Kenwood use standard ISO connectors, and will plug right into each other for power, speakers etc (but with the loss of stalk controls). I cannot see how the wiring harness shown in this ad will give you the stalk controls without a dedicated Kenwood lead and a box of electronics.

In my other post I mentioned the cabling I used, which was made by Connects2
From the same eBay seller you linked to, here is the correct steering control adaptor.

Note the box of electronics at the front-left of the image (about the size of a deck of playing cards).
Also note that when buying you must specify the make of head unit (Kenwood, Sony, JVC etc), so that he can send the correct adaptor.

This Kenwood adaptor will connect to the box of electronics (see the little plug) and the other end will then connect to a dedicated lead coming from the back of your head unit.
The connector at the rear-left of the image is a standard ISO block (power, speakers) and plugs into the back of your new head unit.
The connector on the right of the image plugs right into the wiring of your Focus (what you disconnected from the standard head unit). Note that it is larger than a normal ISO block, as it contains other pins for the steering controls etc.

This is definitely not the same cabling as included in the bundle deal you linked to earlier.

This item may be cheaper elsewhere, I just did a very quick search on my phone.
Think I paid under 20 for mine (certainly the whole deal of faceplate, removal keys and wiring adaptor was under 30 all in, incl P&P)
thanks alot mate! really good info for what i need. i probs would of been lost just going into it without trying to find out whats what first.

the link is from a mobile app. and wont view on my computer for some unknown reason :| would it be possible for u to send me another link from a computer that would be great.
Sorry I have no access to a computer so can't post a full link, I'm doing this from my iPhone.

Go to and type 160677563385 into the search box.

Price is 23 from that particular supplier, but as I say may be cheaper elsewhere.

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