Just thought I would introduce myself as I have been a member for nearly 2 months but not posted anything =)

Today I just part-ex'd my 04 1.25 mk6 fiesta for a 08 1.4TDCI mk7 fiesta.

I am really impressed so far, the car is miles better to drive and as for looks...... they look like they are traveling 100mph standing still =)

I seem to have the common issue with the lack of rear door speakers :-(

Just have a couple of questions;

1) The head unit doesn't mention a fader function, but I presume it would be like the mk6's and if disconnected it wouldn't show that function?
2) I have felt the wire gromits on the rear doors and can feel the cable inside, so what size speakers would fit the standard mounting?

Well I guess thats it for the intro and questions, I am looking forward to many days/months/years of fezza motoring =)