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Full Version: Spark Plugs 1.8 Focus 2004 Petrol
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I've now had the focus for a year and its due its service, I do all my own stuff.

Not knowing how fussy the focus engine is should I use genuine spark plugs at 16 odd or eurocarparts josh ones at 8.68 a set ?

Also looks like ford made the spark plugs easy to remove as there does not seem to be an engine cover as use preventing a cess the black top it has has the leads on top so presumeably just an extention an spark plug socket required ?

aur filter looks simpl. Not so sure about the pollen but I believe its on the passenger side near the window.

I got air, oil, pollen filters from Euro to save a bit but was unsure on spark plugs.

thanks for any help as always *thumbs up*
ngk iridium are what the ford ones are so these will do pollen filter under the scuttle panel it will require a new seal as if you dont fit it right youll have a pass footwell full of water spark plug just a mini extension bar will do it
last couple of times i have bought plugs for a 1.6 they were about a tenner from ford!
I also managed to get a set of genuine ford plugs for a 1.8 for less than a tenner from E-bay.
Thanks for the help and info.

I'm avoiding eBay for a while after a total headache seller.

I popped in my local ford dealer, 5 minute walk which is real handy.

I bought the s.plugs at £16.75. It does sound a lot but it was for convibience plus I save doing it myself.

I had a chat about the pollen filter he said aswell I need the seal and 2 clips part number 1106903 041107 at £2.87 each. usually the old ones wear so when you change it do the clips to ensure a tight seal and to scrap off the old seal so I get a good seal aswell.

He said if I fund the old clips fine just return them but better to have them incase.

Nice chap, really friendly and helpful.

Left spendinfg 27.40 on those bits.

He said next time I do it buy so good quality double sided foam tape although the seal is 2.97.

now to get on with the service hehe the sun is gone.

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