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Full Version: Eolys 176 Fluid Top Up - How Often?
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I have a 2007 Focus 1.6 TDCI (110) and had a 75k mile service (a ‘third/major’ service) done recently at a Ford dealer. The job sheet I signed off before the service included a top up of the eolys fluid. When I picked the car up afterwards, the top up wasn’t on the final paperwork/checklist they give you and when I asked why, I was told it hadn’t been topped up as they don’t keep the fluid at the dealer as ‘its expensive’ and ‘doesn’t need regular top up’. I have had the car from 13k miles and don’t recall the fluid ever being topped up, other than at 55k....when I had to have the DPF replaced!

I have heard that it should be topped up every third service but have also seen several things about how long it should last, such as that it doses at about 10ml eolys to a tank of diesel, which would mean just 1 litre of fluid lasting about 50k miles at a typical 50mpg economy...

So, how long should a tank of eolys really last and what is standard procedure for top up? Do Ford dealers even know?!

The key issue is making sure I don’t end up needing another new DPF (maybe lack of a top up at 37.5k killed the last one??!) But, if it did indeed last to 55k before top up, maybe I could just forget about it as in theory it could now go to 110k (2 years away at least and I don’t plan keeping it that long!).

And, even if I don’t need a top up yet, is £318 for a 75k service a typical main dealer price (without the fluid)? – Have I paid for something I didn’t get?!

Not sure if this has already been covered on the forums seems that DPF’s and everything to do with them is still confusing dealers (and owners!), even 7 or 8 years after they first started to become more common!


The EOLYS fluid is replaced every 6 years or 75k miles (whichever comes first). Otherwise, as you have experienced, if your DPF is replaced, then the EOLYS fluid too will be replaced. Because you have had your fluid replaced / topped up at 55k then you technically have another 75k on the clock before you need a replacement...
Will mine have this fluid?
mk2 2.0l tdci ghia. 2007
if so where do i top up?

Many thanks
As a general rule, anything above 1.6 Diesel (tended to exclude 1.8's though) they will have DPF. You can look alongside your fuel tank, in which case you may see a seperate compartment, which would be the EOLYS tank. to top this up you could either take it to Ford, or you can buy a kit. I think there is a JML EOLYS fluid kit out there to top it up, and there is a "trick" by which you can reset the trip computer with an open / close fuel door on the car. I have seen a few threads about this specifically in the Focus forum so its worth doing a search.

Easiest answer, call up your local dealer, give them your VIN and ask them to confirm, this will give you a more definitive answer.

If anyone has topped up the EOLYS fluid themselves, are you able to provide an image of how to access the fluid tank? it might help in the future!

perhaps a step by step would be beneficial should anyone be able to complete it successfully...?
Thanks Jeebowhite, I wont worry too much on that basis as that leaves me another 55k, but that would explain why the Eolys was listed on the initial service sheet (as it was a 75k service)!

Still not sure why the garage couldn't have been as clear as that though, especially as they've always serviced or fixed it, so they know its history :-D
Asking a dealer to speek clearly, and logically, without trying to sell you the air to power the combustion process of your motor is a difficult task at the best of times. As long as you abide by the £75k or 6 years... whichever comes first" practice, you should be fine.

On a slightly off topic question, your photo, the image itself is very clear, and the wheels have been snapped very well, even for a moving vehicle, did you "photoshop" the picture of your standing motor on a moving street, or do you have a very click happy friend with a very good camera?
My Focus is that colour and model....but I have to own up....I cheated and googled images of a focus!
cheat ;) come on, get the real thing up for us all to see! :P

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