My driver side Rear Door Lock Latch Mechanism sounds a bit poorly - It appears the deadlock mechanism has developed a fault.

Basically the problem I have is when I lock the car with the key fob then arm it with the second press. a horrible ctching/ ratchet type noise comes from the back passenger side only when I deadlock it though!

I removed the door card off to see if I could get to the latch but there was another panel in front of the latch that was riveted on so didn't want to start removing these. I managed to spray some WD40 up there but doesn't seem to have made any difference.

There was a similar post on here by other drivers who had this problem but had it fixed under warranty.

Sods law mine is out of warranty being an 08 model. Ford have quoted me £199 to replace!!!! - I have challenged this price and waiting to hear from them. In the meantime I have had a look on internet and found that I can source the part myself for £57 (see attached pic) - reckon this is all I need plus tools and my own labour. Has anyone ever replaced this or can offer any advice be appreciated please.