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Full Version: Passenger Footwell Flooded
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Does anyone else have this problem with their car?

It's been a night of torrential rain and I've woken up to find my passenger footwell is flooded. It only seems to happen when it rains very heavily over a long period of time. I've checked when it's happened before and can't tell if there are any holes or not. Usually when it rains, the footwell is bone dry but today there is a big puddle :/. Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
Sorry never had that problem, hows the windscreen no cracks etc?

I did get water in my old focus boot though where the spare wheel was it just collected up :/
Windscreen is fine and there are no leaks from the roof so it must be getting in from under the car somehow. I'll have a proper look when I'm not working and see if I can rectify it. Cheers man
Check under the dash, water may be getting past the pollen filter.
Thanks, I'll give that a go when I finish work tomorrow.
I had a look at the flooding problem so here’s a quick update. It looks like the adhesive seal that fixes the trim that covers the pollen filter is non-existent. The seal around the housing for the pollen filter is pretty worn as well. That means a trip to the Ford garage tomorrow to get a price for a bottle of sealant. In the meantime, I’ll use towels and heaters to try and dry out the floor panel a bit.
do you mean the seal that holds the panel to the windscreen? i wouldnt worry to much about this, its the tray on the underside thats meant to deflect the rain water you need to look at
I think it's a bit of both to be honest, The seal for the panel needs re done anyway but yeah I think it's more a problem with the tray underneath.
this is a comon fault with the mark 1 focus it is recomended that when replacing the pollen filter or when having a replacment screen that the near side panel is replace and sealed to the screen if this is not done it will allow water to enter into the passanger footwell through the pollen filter many garages dont do this when they are serviced causing this problem
the cheapest soloution to this problem is to remove the panel and use silicone sealant along the edge of the panel and then replace the panel sealing it to the glass this will rectify the problem
It's not the seal between the panel and the glass that is the problem, it's the lip on the underside of the panel that should deflect the water.
Note that there is a revised panel which uses the same foam seal

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