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Full Version: Mk1 Focus Lower One Side
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Hey guys, got a bit of a mystery:)

I snapped a spring on the front drivers side on my 2001 focus tdci and just replaced the whole strut/spring/shock I got from the scrapyard and looked in really good condition and when I put it back together it was still too low at the front end. I then went and swapped the strut for another one, put it in and same thing, still too low.
Now I took it all apart again and noticed play in the rear lower arm bush so I took the control arm out and the bush was indeed bad, in fact it just fell off the control arm when I pulled it free and at the same time noticed the ball joint and drop link bushes were shot. So the guy I got the strut off wont replace the strut again as he said there must be something else wrong with the car as to why it was still sitting low on that side and when I told him about the contol arm bush, ball joint and drop link he said that this was most definitly the reason.

Now I'm finding it hard to believe that these faults are causing the car to sit so low and want someone to verifiy that this indeed is whats causing the problem as I dont want to replace all the parts, control arm bushes, ball joint etc only to put the strut back in and having to take it off again as its faulty.

Please tell me this guy is right and end my
if the parts are second hand yure wasting youre time you need to do both sides of the car not just the side thats snapped or it wont sit right and make sure the springs are not from a zetec as they are stiffer and a tad lower they must be from a diesel if all those parts are worn that bad they need replaced mate you will need to replace driver and passenger side then do the rear control arms etc either side might not be what you ant to hear but its the facts
Thanks for the reply mate, thing is I already got the passenger side done less than a month ago, shock, spring, control arm, rod end, drop link etc were all replaced and it cost me a small fortune. The strut being from a Zetec actually makes sense. I'll bring it back to him tomorrow and get the right one, I cant afford to get new spring, strut, shock etc for the other side as I spent a lot of money getting other things sorted in the car and as its a 2001 model I'm not going to go overboard. This is why I am doing the work myself and putting in used parts. I have new control arm with bushes and ball joint and a new drop link and track rod end but just dont have the cash for the new shock etc but this guys stuff is really good, just like new parts, no rust etc so I'll see what he says tomorrow. I also had a look at the rear and everything is solid and to be honest I wouldnt even know where to start when replacing anything back there, maybe when I get some more cash together I'll leave in in to the garage and get everything replaced in the back. As for now, if it aint boke I aint touching it :)
you need to make sure the parts are from a diesel and not a petrol many of these scrappys label the stuff as focus 2002 etc not petrol or diesel so it could be a spring from a petrol etc
Got the new parts fitted today and went to the guy I got the strut off and he said it was defo from a diesel and not a zetec and even showed me the car it cam off. So I took the chance and went ahead and put it on and when I lowered the car sure enough it was level, so just goes to show how much the ball joint and wishbone bush etc had messed with the suspension. Only thing now is my tracking is off big time but need new tyres soon and will get it re-aligned same time I get the new tyres fitted. I tell ya what, some difference with the new parts, not one rattle anywhere thank God,. There was a rattle underneath as if something was hanging off and was driving me crazy, think it was the drop link that was the problem there. Anyways, all is good.

Thanks for all your help guys, very much appre'ed.

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