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Full Version: Cutting Out Problem
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we are having a problem with our s max and not sure what it is, it can be ok for a while then you could go out then it would just cut out at a junction or similar places and we carnt get it started.

How we get it started back up is we have to get another car to connect jump leads to it and then it starts back up, dont think its a battery problem as its always fullly charged when previously tested

Its getting that bad that we are looking at selling the car, car is a 56 plate s max titanium

Hi get yourself a brand new battery and see what happens.If the battery you have in the car is the original then its 6 years old and well past its sell by date,most batteries last on average 4 to 5 years and thereafter its down hill

Its not the battery as we have had this checked and its always had a good charge so garage rulled out the battery.

Ford want £98 to do a diagnostic check on it to see if they can find anything
you can do your own on board diagnostic check yourself,
im wondering if your car requires an upate for the software????

have you taken a looksie on the smax forum?
If it starts from jump leads from another vehicle, then it almost certainly IS a battery problem. Otherwise it would start itself. If adding power from another car then allows it to start then it suggests your own battery is not providing enough umph to start it.

For the sake of £50 or whatever Costco charge for them these days, I'd just swap the battery - as has been said, it's likely to be at the end of it's life anyway irrespective of whether it's causing your issue, so you may as well replace it first as a DIY fix and see if it cures your problem.
how could it be battery if its running, for a instant we went to london from yorkshire and after 2hrs 30mins we decided to pull into services and going into services slip lane it cut out and then wouldnt start, we kept trying to start it but wouldnt fire back up, eventually the battery went flat with trying to turn it over,
we left it a while and then got it jumped back off and carried back onto london and then back to yorkshire a few hrs later. it doesnt happen all the time just occasionally.

Some one said it could be alarm doing it but not sure


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