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Full Version: A-Sure Gps/radio/cd Player/satnav Unit
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Hi all,

Really fancy replacing my Ford CD 6000 with a nice fancy head unit with lots of functions and a nice big screen, something like this:


Just wondering what you folks think of this? It's an A-Sure head-unit - never heard of that company and they seem to be based in Hong Kong, and that puts me off a bit - although the warranty option alleviates my worries slightly. Anybody have experience with this item/company/brand/type of item and can recommend whether or not to go for it?

Only other ones I've seen in reputable shops is this and similar ones from Halfords, but as you can imagine, the price-tag is a little bit off-putting:

The Ebay ones are Chinese. They fit OK but you will have a ton of wireing at the back to tuck in behind the unit. I had a similar one in my last Mk 2.5 and the wireing did go in with a struggle. I did have TV and a reversing camera attached to it though.

The sound quality isnt great and the radio signal was quite poor. TV is a waste of time without an aerial as big as the one on your house. The hands free required you to shout at the unit to be heard as well.

The good points were the DVD player and the Satnav. You could use any windows ce based software on it. I used iGo8 as I found i prefered it to Tom Tom.

Overall they look great but remember for that sort of money they are not quality, but reasonable value for money.

The Halfords one is just a rediculous price.

Hope this helps
There are better ones out there for a reasonable price, unfortunately you need to root around for a deal.
I personally would avoid the ting tong ones on eBay as they are generally horrible.
They try to cram too much into them and most of it is useless/pointless anyway.
Remember, you get what you pay for.

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