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Full Version: Black Smoke On Accelrating
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hi all i did post a topic last year on this but had to abandon fixing it cause of some other issue. when accelerating the puffs out smoke quite a bit if i accelarate hard from 2k to the limiter it black i took it to the garage they saids it cud be turbo cause of some oil in the intercooler pipe i brought a second hand turbo made no diffrence with oil still in intercooler pipe which ill post some pic tomorra to see if you guys think its excesive he did say the CAT was blocked but he cleaned it out and i also tried some bg244 in it which seems to made it more smokey but less black the car pull fine if not to good there is no knocking no smoke on start up i've been told it could be map or maf sensor or egr vale if so would i be wise buying these new or would second hand be fine if you guys dont think its these have you got any ideas oh and i've bin told maybe a leaking or faulty injector could any of these things be easly checked before buying replacement parts and just in case this is any use to the topic its doing 350 mile to £60 of fuel town driving the car ford focus 1.8 tdi 90bhp 2002
Paul Zetec-S
I thought if you pushed a car over 3 or 4K and was accelerating very quickly then this would normally happen.
true but not how much comes out and this is starting from around 2k i dont think it smoke if i was to rev up to 4k slowly its seems to be only when i plant my foot to the floor will check that tomorra plus while idleing if i cover the exhaust pipe with my hand let the pressure build up black smoke will puff out i've tried this on 3 other diesel cars and that day happen
[quote name='Paul Zetec-S' timestamp='1340750438' post='189322']
I thought if you pushed a car over 3 or 4K and was accelerating very quickly then this would normally happen.


Spent alot of time throwing black smoke clouds out when I was learning to drive in my instructors Mk2 2 litre TDCI.......good times! :D
Your problem seems to be what you suggest turbo pipe work on my 2.0 tdci had a similar problem new turbo pipes not replaced by previous owner loads of black smoke these pipes have what i can only describe as a sump where it fits on the induction side of the turbo and will fill with oil when turbo blows almost impossible i,d say to clean it out completly hence residue being sucked into turbo blowing out in plooms of black smoke only sussed this out after turbo failure on replacement engine and hence the reason ford say if turbo goes replace all the pipe work .
here is a pic of my pipe from my turbo to my intercoler would you say this was to much oil

and steads is this what you was reffering to as the sump in the pipe

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