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Full Version: Buying A Ka
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Hello all, is there a buyers guide on here? Going to look at a 53 plate Ka collection 1.3 this evening for the girlfriend, but not really sure what to look for. What is the cambelt change frequency on these cars (10 year or 100,000 mile?), and what sort of problems are these cars prone to?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Rust rust and more rust! Depends what engine it has Endura E engine uses a timing chain later models have Duratec which uses a belt Oh and you will need a new Heatee control valve at some stage!
Laura-Jade & TheKA :)
although i dont know all that much about cars, ive had my ka collection 02 plate for over a year and ive got the smallest bit of rust! i think its all about keeping a car in good condition.
all girls love a KA! although id really love a defender, its the easiest car ive driven. but thats in my opinion, lots of guys drive KAs too i havent seen one with lots of rust just a little..

i hate the noise ka's make! drives me crazy. i dont think they are prone to many problems. :)
Laura KA 1994
[quote][/quote]Rust around the fuel cap filler is the most common fault i've come across as well as rusty sills and around where the windscreen pillars meet the bonnet. I've also been warned about clutch replacements and wishbones. Hope this helps a little.
Ideally you need to get underneath the back to check for rot around the rear chassis mounts. They are not well protected when new and is a very expensive welding bill when they start to rot. Our SportKA looks great but underneath around the chassis points it will require welding next year. Its a fuel tank out and brake lines removed job.

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