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Full Version: Broken Fuel Pump? 2003 Ford Focus 1.8 - Please Advise
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Any advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated on this matter.
Just bought a 2003 ford focus (petrol) 1.8 - it worked perfectly on the test drive and passed its MOT fine. The previous owner denies all knowledge of the problem I am having with it.
The first clue would have been the evening of purchasing it (only yesterday) as we could not even get it started - turned out that it was just the fuel pump fuse - possibly because he had let the fuel level get so low. He seemed genuinely concerned. The AA seemed to think this was a common and minor problem and gave us a spare fuse.
Today it drove fine - stopped and started - until I got home where after I had stopped and turned off the engine, it would not restart. Sure enough, the fuse had blown again.

Does this mean the fuel pump needs replacing? or will it be manageable?

If it does need replacing - can it be done at home and where can I find the parts?

Any advice would be wonderful (: its so disappointing to have a problem this early on.

Many thanks,
Hi and first of all welcome to the Forum.
Secondly, may i recommend you take the car to a mechanic as the fuel system is a tricky beggar to get right on a driveway or kerb.
The first thing you should do though is check that the fuel pump is engaging correctly.
It's fitted into the top of the tank, when you turn the ignition on but don't start the car you should be able to hear it prime for a couple of seconds if someone has their ear to the rear footwell beneath the rear seats.
If the pump continues to run without ignition then the limp mode has activated and you will need the EEC-V module testing by a professional.
You may well have a vacuum fault on the fuel lines or a clogged filter, again you really should approach a professional as the fuel system is not something i'd touch myself.

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