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Full Version: Aux Cable Now Only Plays Ipod Audio Through Right Side Of Speakers
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My Aux Cable has been fine up until now. however it now only plays ipod audio through right side of speakers. When I switch to Radio & CD the sound is fine on all speakers - it only happens with Aux connection, is this something to do with the cable do you think or possible the Head unit? I've had the cable around 3 years 'wedged' in the silly glove box connector (Bad design on fords behalf). I've got the Sony Single CD Player MP3 head unit as standard in titanium model. I don't have another 3.5mm aux cable to test if it's a fault with cable - maybe go and buy one later.
Sounds like the cable for the left channel has packed up or the connections inside the socket have gone.
For your information the left channel feed wire is the blue/white one in case you want to do a continuity test.
cheers Stoney.
Turned out the Belkin jack cable is the culprit - Work colleague had a cable so just tried it in mine and works fine.
Easy fix, rare for Belkin stuff to pack up.
I suppose jamming the cable in the glovebox and trapping it when you close the flap was to blame?
I didn't like the idea of putting my iPod in the glovebox with no means of control so i ran an aux cable with a 3.5 plug on the end of it down from the radio connection to behind the heater dial panel.
It comes out in just the right place to plug into a Griffin iPod remote which plugs into the 12v socket.
I can charge the iPod and control the music at the same time.
Yeah I have been having this problem over the last month, aux cable trapped in the glove box and now got a bad contact, had a few risky moments leaning over to move the cable around on the motorway :S
Stupid design and I really get fed up with it. When I get a satnav stereo they have a proper iPod lead out the back of the stereo I plan to feed into the armrest cubby hole thing :P
That should sort this stupid aux cable situation :)
open the glove box and push the cable through the bottom of the glove box door,
this will give you more length and it wont squeeze the cable neither.

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