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Full Version: Error Codes
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so my new mondeo has been in,
had error codes
p1211- rail pressure not in range
p0251- fuel pressure regulation valve malfunction

they said its gunna be up to £1500 to sort it and now checking with dealer for ok to go ahead
seems a bit high to me as when i googled it a blocked fuel filter ( likley on this car as been sitiing still with nearly no fuel in it )is only £15 odd and can cause both problems....

any ideas or suggestions please?
update. garage is now changing the fuel filter so fingers crossed thats it :)
Bit of a step down from 1500.
Solid platinum filter with a diamond coating?
If they had done the expensive work and not solved the problem it would have been
yeah, the dealer didnt like the price tag so he took it elsewhere..he is convinced its the filter as it sat on forecourt for 4 months with next to no diesel in it, im hoping he right but im glad i got the car from a dealer not the side of the road, ;)
i think the £1500 was to cover everything the codes could be caused by which seems a bit extreme really
That price wouldn't be just steep more like f'in vertical.
Hopefully the filter does the job.
Just make sure they prime the fuel system properly after.
on a related note, if the fuel filter is blocked up would it affect the top speed?
I should think it would cause a lean condition which will affect the engine on high fuel demand at higher revs.
i dont really know what that means :( all i know is what ive googled.... but now im worrying that the fact my car tops out at 80mph plus the whole flashing glow light thingy = more then a fuel filter :(
Lean condition is where the fuel / air mix is wrong I.e not enough fuel so the power from the engine will feel underpowered.
i see, that sounds like my car so hopefully the fuel filter will work :D waiting for a phone call to go pick it up now
Right well the fuel filter helped but didnt fix it and i still have another problem, the car will not go over 80mph no matter the gear or revs....
Any ideas please
Did you get it fixed?
May sound silly but could it be possible that someone has set a speed limit on the car not to go over 80..

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