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Full Version: Ford Ka - Blowing Hot Air
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I wonder if anyone can help, my 06 reg KA has been blowing out hot air no matter what temperature the temperature dial is set to. It is a nightmare on the rare hot days we have :-)

I have used a multimeter on the plug going to the heater control valve, I got different readings depending on where the dial was set to, including a pulsing for mid-range. This prompted me to go out and get a new OEM heater control valve thinking that was the part that was faulty. I have replaced the valve and once the engine heats up I am still getting hot air no matter where the dial is.

Can anyone shed any light on where the problem may be?
Sounds like the replacement HCV is faulty. If you are getting changing voltages between 0 and 12v when you turn the dial between hot and cold, it can only be the HCV or the connection to it.

I would take it out and see if you can get the solenoid work. When set to cold it should be closed and the voltage should be circa 12v . Hot it will be open and at 0 volts.
Thanks, it is good to know I am not going mad by thinking that the panel was working by sending the varying voltages. Maybe I should take it out and replace with a genuine ford one and try and get my money back.
After market ones do have a habit of failing. The Ford one is only about £40 anyway.

Good luck with it.

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