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Full Version: Can't Get Any Radio Reception In My 2002 Focus 6006E Cd/radio Plz Help!
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Hi all im new to this site. Bought a 2002 focus 2.0 ghia auto a couple of weeks ago and I can't get the radio tuned in at all, ive got the stations set but its all fuzzy and occassionaly its picking up various aeroplanes radio because you can vaguely here them talking (im pretty sure its not the police radio) Any ideas what it could be? Also the 6 disc multi-changer has fits n starts, sometimes it will play a cd but most of the time it just skips through the tracks or it just says "error" on the screen? Im thinking the actual unit is probably knackered :(
I'd say the radio is as you say 'knackered'.
Any faults on them cost more to repair than to buy a replacement from eBay.

Look at this on eBay:

Ford 6006 Cd Player Free Removal Pins.

Yes I thought so, there are some on ebay for between £50-£70. Looks like I will have to invest in one :(
It's a pity as I have one spare but as I had to extract a disc from it by hand after I swapped it for a standard 6000cd before I sold my Mk1 last year I can't guarantee that the disc player is 100%.
I could sell it on but if the discs didn't load I'd have to refund.

im watching this one
plus the volume knob does not seem to work properly either, luckily i have the volume control on the steering wheel which does work fine. If i replaced the unit would the volume control on the steering wheel still work??
The steering controls are all part of the radio loom in your car so there will be no problems.

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