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Full Version: Why No Fuse For Power Point
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Just found out that my Fiesta (2004 model) does not have a fuse for the power outlet. (Sat Nav conked out on me half way through a journey as it hadnt been charging!). Thinking that the fuse may have blown I checked and lo and behold it is missing!

Is there any reason why no fuse would be fitted, or can I just purchase and pop in? I don't want to knacker anything else up in the process?
How long have you had the car?
It sounds like someone else had a problem with the system and yanked the fuse.
[size=6][sub]Had it since July 2007.[/sub]

[sub]Will it be OK to fit one or should I take it to Ford for silly money? (also going in for MOT at local garage tomorrow - a job they could do?)[/sub][/size]
I'd get the socket checked for shorts before putting a fuse back in.
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]My guess is that the previous owner plugged something into it that blew the fuse then failed to replace it, if you have concerns about just replacing the fuse first replace it with a 5 amp fuse, that will protect the wiring, if your sat nav then charges OK replace it with the correct 10 amp fuse, it's not uncommon for electric tyre pumps to draw more than 10amps and blow the fuse.[/font][/size][/color]

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