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Full Version: Mondeo Mk4 Still Humming (After Hub Change)
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I have just finished changing my Rear hubs on my MK4 Mondeo (57 Plate) TDCI. I was very please with how the job went, also with memebes input of how to do the job. But the humming continues. I know its hard to describe without actually lisening to the noise, but its sounds like a humming, whirling sound just like something is traveling up the boby. This is in the boot area, you can hear it more on rougher roads, but is still there on smoother, around around 50mph..... Anywhere else I could check where noise or vibrations would travel up the car. Ive even got in the boot and had someone drive me around ( i'll try anything to solve this with spening loads at the dealers) This noise come on all of a sudden. The tyres are both just below half worn (Goodyear, Eagle) This car is as quiet as a mouse normally.....

I hope someone may be able to shine anymore info on it.................
switch the front and rear tyres around and try that..
That had crossed my mind, I will have to jack it up on the next dry day and do so, I have had a browse in more detail under the car and it is perfect, suspension rubbers and bushes ok....... it has been well looked after....... anymore ideas would be great... Thanks Stef....

It's not uncommon for tyres to go out of shape. I was chasing my tail for hours on a car before, thought it was a wheel bearing to start with, then perhaps the diff as the gearbox oil was low but nothing was adding up, suspension was all good. Turned out it was the tyres.
Ummm. The only thing Stef, I did have alot of weight in the car, well we were moving some turf and the van broke down. So we had to load my lovely car up. I wonder if it has damaged tyres. Noise started 2 weeks after that........... it did have alot of weight in ........
Have you checked the tyres and arches for rubbing?
Overloading may have compressed your springs and damaged the struts.
Yeh, plenty of clearance there.... it more of a hummoing throught the body..........
Well my Mondeo is back to its self, fitted a new pair of tyres.Sweet music to my ears....What a massive difference. It was the last thing I would have thought due to the noise all of a sudden coming on, May I thanks everyone for their input..... All the best, and once again thaks a million..............
I concur.
When I bought the car there was a humming form the back and road noise from the front..
Replaced the horrid PirelliP600 when they wore out with 4 budget tyres and - silence is golden.
glad its not just me.... changed both rear hubs and still noisy, changed round the tyres and noise shifted to the front. Looked at tyres and they were stepped accross the width of the tyre. I thought they had worn because of towing the caravan but maybe think it was just awful tyres.
I am having this same issue, did not think much of it as the humming was none existant with the radio on, however, a short trip on the M62 took it to a whole new level.

Really loud humming followed closely by vibration throughout the car, vibration mostly between 50-70 resulting in a slow first lane drive home for the worry that flooded my mind.

I am going to swap the wheels left to right and see if the problems follows the change, if not, I hope you guys may be able to share your knowledge in the hope of saving a small fortune in Garage Troubleshooting and failed attempts at any resolution.

Not what I expected from my 2009 Titanium X of only 2 days after purchase, but these things happen and its a great car, I hope it is just the wheel issue as many have suggested :(

The inner rear passenger side tyre is like one big giant aero bubble, certainly explains both the humming noise and the vibration which is more noticeable and annoying/worrying at motorway speeds...

It will be most certainly changed tomorrow from which I will update further in a couple of days once I know where I stand.
UPDATE: Evans Halshaw in Glossop (do not use then have the car shipped to another branch) they are absolutely useless.

Upon inspection at the Dewsbury branch it became clear that the 30 point check had not been carried out properly.

The brake disc were/are worn to 10% & the front tyres are illegal, the dewsbury branch having discussed these matters with Glossop were given authorisation to replace the brake discs, they refused to replace the tyres which after an unnecessary threat to the Glossop branch of county court action they later phoned Dewsbury to authorise the new tyres, the tyres were fitted immediately and the brakes not in stock will be replaced this saturday.

The noise has stopped although the vibrating is noticable at 80-90mph but is bearable, although having 160mph on the speedometre I wouldnt expect any vibration at that speed what so ever, maybe someone else can advise as to the normality of this issue?!

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