HI ladies and gents allow me to introduce myself/my Mondeo. Just bought my first ford, which is a 2002 Mondeo 2ltr LX. Nice car! Only thing is it came with 18" alloys and my wife does not like them as she complaind of a hard right as she has a back prob. So, I'm after swapping back to 16 or 17"
Bit of info about my alloys....I don't know what the name of them is but sure somebody will come along and tell me. They are defo 100% original ford though. They are 18" and are marked in places so could do with a touch up to be honest. They are straight though with no dents etc etc....They are wrapped in 225/40/18 ZR Admiral P712 tyres with 5mm tread all round (all tyres-local tyre place checked them out). Please see pics below....





So, all I am after really is swapping them with someones 17 or 16 inch standard ford tyres to keep the other half in check! I will pay all freight etc can't be fairer than that.