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Full Version: Recommend Car Insurance?
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Paddy H
Well guys after i called my Insurance the other day 'Nationwide' run by 'LV" reference my windows tinted, they said they'd get back to me.
I have just received an email from LV saying that they class window tinting as a modification and will cancel my car insurance within 7 days.

Im so sick and tired, any good insurance companies who won't completely mess me about?

Im 22, 1 Years NC, 1.6 Petrol... Prices will be high i know but i can't believe this... Gutted.
Mark M.K
Have you tried Admiral? They seem very easy going. Or even have a try at Owners Club Insurance, you get a discount for being a member on FOC: [u][color="#0066cc"][url=""][/url][/color][/u]
I can understand increased premiums and a charge for modifying a policy but cancellation? A bit harsh.
How long has the policy been running?
Paddy H
Only a month my annual one was up so i went to look for a new company, found nationwide with a great quote who are run by LV but now they want to cancel my policy. Pffft...

Their words


Thank you for contacting us online regarding your motor insurance.[/color]

[left][color=#0000ff][font=Arial]I am sorry but, as we class tinted windows as a modification, we are uable to continue cover your vehicle. [/font][/color][/left]

[left][color=#0000ff][font=Arial]We can allow 7 days for you to find alternative insurance and your policy will therefore be cancelled from 2359 hours on 16th July 2012. [/font][/color][/left]

[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]That's crazy, my Focus has tinted windows as standard and no hike in premium.[/font][/size][/color]
I think they're taking the proverbial because you're young.
Paddy H
I just briefly googled and apparently LV don't accept window tinting?

I might try Owners Club.

Im fuming, I'm no boy racer i take pride in my car and driving.
Mark M.K
It dont matter to them at the end of the day. They sound like direct line, don't let anybody under 25 do anything to the car at all. Like i say, Admiral are very easy going. They allow almost anything with little cost. My bodykit and alloy wheels only cost around £6 a year
Paddy H
Admiral or adrian flux?
Mark M.K
Try both, you got nothing to lose by asking for a quote. Our Owners Club Insurance is provided by Adrian Flux.
I have been with Admiral for three years now, and I really cant complain, I feel they are excellent overall, and if I want them to squash the price, they just saved me over £100 on my renewal price, so I then added on some extras and still had a saving! Not got any modifications, but I cant recall seeing anything of that nature in the paperwork or conditions!
That's a bit harsh. Usually they allow you the chance to remove them before cancelling your insurance.
My old insurers (swiftcover) were very good when it came to mods. Anything cosmetic like window tints they didn't mind.
Paddy H
Well thanks all, Admiral were cheap but Adrian Flux then saved me a good 300 off that. I hate being young and genuinely new to driving ( 1 NCD ) ... Some of the companies can't justify their quotes surely. Such a rob.
[quote name='Paddy H' timestamp='1341937024' post='192621']
Well thanks all, Admiral were cheap but Adrian Flux then saved me a good 300 off that. [u][b][color=#ff0000]I hate being young[/color][/b][/u] and genuinely new to driving ( 1 NCD ) ... Some of the companies can't justify their quotes surely. Such a rob.

[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Your not young for long, make the most of it, as you get older the insurance will drop providing you keep a clean licence, but unfortunately the downside to getting older is that parts start dropping off your body. every morning when I wake up I check to see what's stopped working, fortunately so far I'm all intact and fully functional. Enjoy life now.[/font][/size][/color] :D
I'm 22, also with 1 year NCB (been driving 4 years though - first two years as a named driver though, so no NCB earned) and also with a 1.6 petrol and the cheapest quotes I get are consistently from Admiral (who I'm with) and its sister companies (Elephant, Bell, Diamond).

My insurance this year came in at about £650 fully comp, although that's for the 10 month "accelerated no claims bonus" policy, but still not too bad. Although the insurance industry is such that even though we have near-identical circumstances, you'll probably get a far different quote because of where you live or where you park your car or what you do for a living.

I put my girlfriend and her sister on as named drivers (drives the premium down and makes it handy for when I'm incapacitated!).

They took £17.50 off me to declare my spoiler modification last week and now I need to phone them up about parking sensors, they'll probably take the same again. That's just an admin fee, with no hike in the actual premium though, so it's just a one-off payment - not sure if that'll be the same for your mods though.

I haven't got a quote from Adrian Flux, but I'll definitely be doing so around renewal time.

But aye, I can't wait to be of the age where insurance companies can no longer justify bending you over in a dark alley.
Andy 1965
Might be worth trying esure broker.
Im 23, and I have recently been doing a lot of the 10 month accelerator policies, they are handy to rebuild your NCB after an accident, so far I have saved 6 months of insurance premiums being higher, due to less NCB, might not seem a lot, but it adds up!

I say keep playing insurance companies off each other, and then you will get a much better premium!

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