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Full Version: Changing Wing Mirror Bulbs?
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Paddy H
Hi guys just a very quick one, Im after changing my bulbs in the wing mirrors to my silva tec ones. However I'm unsure which way to go about this?

Iv read somewhere tilt the mirror full forward then screwdriver in back and 'pop it out' However i kinda snapped a tiny bit plastic doing this stupidly... Nothings broke i think i caught end of something.

Can i just pop out the clear cluster part or do i need to take the whole thing apart?

Paddy H
Little bump?
the plastic back simply pops off from the window side use a small flat blade screw driver and it should pop off im sure although the manual says to do as you already have
have you done this yet? i replaced mine the other day with the help of 1 small flat head i mean the little metal electrical 1's and 1 small standard size, i prised these of the side furthiest away from the window as thats where the metal clip is, the size closest to window is where it sits in place...
ive fitted the silvatec when i bought the car in 2010,
as far as i an remember you put the mirror glass facing the ground to get access to the top centre of the inside housing,
then use a flat head screwdriver to lift the clip and pop off the panel the you can slide out the indicator unit.

hardest job i have done on the focus to date is changing these wing mirror bulbs.
but the good thing is the silvatec bulbs last a long time and they havent blown on me yet.[img][/img]
never thought of that lenny, took me about 5 mins tops to change both sides, no scratches or dents made. learning useful tips all the time ;)

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