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Full Version: Ford Granada Mk2 3.0L Project
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This is what I,m starting with A 1982 Ford Granada MK2 3.0L Essex
Is a 102KW auto
Has been in a garage for 16 years only 100500km on the clock
Going to respry it jast dont know what color and get some good mags,tune engine to about 200hp.
so >>>PLZ<<< let me know what you guys think.

She looks like she needs a bit of body work but I understand how expensive cars are in your part of the world. The 3 litre Essex engine is one of the most reliable engines ever built. There only problem being a build up of sludge if the oil wasnt changed regularly, so it may be worth adding a good cleaning agent and running it for a while before draining the oil.

I remember a friend of mine used to own a beautiful black 2.8 Ghia X. One of the nicest cars I ever travelled in.
She was standing in a garge for almost 16 years so every thing needs cleaning ..the body has a lot of rust but lucky for me I found a body that has some doors that are in good condition that I can use.going to respry her but don't know what color yet .
hi mate
lovley car i used to have one of these some years ago spent a lot of money on it it was a black 2.8 i giha x ended up getting some heads from america and a couple of turbos spoilers alsorts really did love it spent so much money on it wish i still had it now even changed it to a manual really quick had so much trouble with people trying to steal it all the time and thats why i sold it in the end will follow your progress and watch how it goes
Thank you you bro that makes me positive for the road I need to walk .going to need people lIke you that knows what is going on .hoop I do a good job
Good project to get your teeth into. Best of luck and keep us posted please.
Ok will do that . Tnx man
Well i have been looking hard, To find the right look for my car, I think I found it. " Fotoshop of a model car "
So tell me if you agree or not. PLZ!
Going with the Granada black
Putting A Escort Rs2000 grill in.
Changing the interior to the ghia X ....
That is all for now ...
IF you guy think its a go! then ill finsh this in about 2 mounths
Sounds good to me. Im not biased when I say black always looks good, and the Ghia X interior will set it off well whilst providing that extra bit of luxury.
That will be mint.
Go for it. :)
Thank you guys .... I will start with every thing in two weeks ... Doing every thing my self... Gives you that feeling when you finish it....

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