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Full Version: Ford Granada Mk2 3.0L Project
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This is what I,m starting with A 1982 Ford Granada MK2 3.0L Essex
Is a 102KW auto
Has been in a garage for 16 years only 100500km on the clock
Going to respry it jast dont know what color and get some good mags,tune engine to about 200hp.
so >>>PLZ<<< let me know what you guys think.

She looks like she needs a bit of body work but I understand how expensive cars are in your part of the world. The 3 litre Essex engine is one of the most reliable engines ever built. There only problem being a build up of sludge if the oil wasnt changed regularly, so it may be worth adding a good cleaning agent and running it for a while before draining the oil.

I remember a friend of mine used to own a beautiful black 2.8 Ghia X. One of the nicest cars I ever travelled in.
She was standing in a garge for almost 16 years so every thing needs cleaning ..the body has a lot of rust but lucky for me I found a body that has some doors that are in good condition that I can use.going to respry her but don't know what color yet .
hi mate
lovley car i used to have one of these some years ago spent a lot of money on it it was a black 2.8 i giha x ended up getting some heads from america and a couple of turbos spoilers alsorts really did love it spent so much money on it wish i still had it now even changed it to a manual really quick had so much trouble with people trying to steal it all the time and thats why i sold it in the end will follow your progress and watch how it goes
Thank you you bro that makes me positive for the road I need to walk .going to need people lIke you that knows what is going on .hoop I do a good job
Good project to get your teeth into. Best of luck and keep us posted please.
Ok will do that . Tnx man
Well i have been looking hard, To find the right look for my car, I think I found it. " Fotoshop of a model car "
So tell me if you agree or not. PLZ!
Going with the Granada black
Putting A Escort Rs2000 grill in.
Changing the interior to the ghia X ....
That is all for now ...
IF you guy think its a go! then ill finsh this in about 2 mounths
Sounds good to me. Im not biased when I say black always looks good, and the Ghia X interior will set it off well whilst providing that extra bit of luxury.
That will be mint.
Go for it. :)
Thank you guys .... I will start with every thing in two weeks ... Doing every thing my self... Gives you that feeling when you finish it....

Hi, remember that you have an Essex 3 L V6, Nobby is talking about the German Cologne V6, 2,8, which the americans stroked up to 4 litres. So they are 2 completely different engines.

The 3 L V6 Essex has been bored up to 3,4L and it takes a better new crankshaft.

There are a lot of specs in Wikipedia, look up under " Ford Essex V6 engine ( UK )".

Also look up " Ford Cologne V6 " engine, as there is a 4 L version, with SOHC which gives 210bhp.

This engine was used in the Ford Ranger and Mazda B4000, but you will have to check if it is the OHC version, 160bhp.

You could keep the Essex, put in fuel injection, and get 157 bhp.

The Essex X-ocet version was created by Simpson Ford, used a Holley carb, aggressive camshaft and tuned exhaust, 0-100kms 8.5 seconds, top speed 195 kmh in a Cortina.  

Another engine option might be the Falcon I6 4,0 L, 211bhp, or XR6 234bhp ( 1994 - 1998 ).

And Granadas MK1 build by Basil Green Motors used the 302 Windsor V8, with 252 bhp.

I could have sworn I saw them advertise Coupes with 6,6 L V 8's in the end?

Ford themselves put the same engine in the Sierra V8.   

As they say in the classics,

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