My company has just taken delivery of 6 X 2012 Ford focus to be used by Field service engineers. This car is fitted with Sat-Nav whilst there is an overview of the device in the car handbook there is no specific Instructions relating to the Sat-Nav. Does anybody have a copy they can send me as a PDF.
The one annoying problem I personally am experiencing and which means I still have my TOMtom Go510 in my new car is I cannot enter a post code that only has two digits. For example the postcode B34RT, when I try and enter this, it sees this as B34 and wants another digit. Now there is a button marked tolerant which none of us can fathom. Any ideas?

21 July What a waste of time this forum is! It seems to be inhabited by a load of immature blokes who are obsessed with buying second user cars and spending vast amounts of time and money on boosting their ego's. Yet if you want a sensible answer to a real problem nobody can help. Goodbye