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Full Version: How To Replace Keys / Fobs..??
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Paul Silvester
Hi all, today I bought a 2005 Focus Zetec Climate, it only came with one key ( with 3 buttons ) which I had to replace the battery for the RCL ro work, and reprogrammed using the 'turn ignition from 0-II 4 times in 6 times method' and it all works fine now.

My question is, while looking on eBay for a replacement case, I notice 'Flip keys' which I think look so much nicer than the huge key Ive got.. If I were to buy a flip key with circuits and everything inside and uncut blade, and I got the blade cut to fit my car, will I be able to use the above mentioned method to make the flip key work as my main key? Id much rather have a flip key and carry that around rather than the long key.. Also would like to get out of paying Ford to do it aswell, save myself some money..

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advance
doesnt work that way you need 2 keys to programme one youreself buy this key its the one ford supply
and have it cut at timpsons then ford will programme it for £70 some timpsons can do it also either way you need more than one key
In my experience Timpsons is useless.
They may be able to do keys for you but they will be the non-remote type and the key code will be cloned rather than a standalone coded key so it can cause problems if you need keys cutting in emergencies.
Much better to get an auto locksmith to cut, code and add the key to the immobiliser.
Ford tends to refuse to code self procured keys and usually insist you buy one from them and will probably say you can only use one like you already have.
I bought this exact key from this seller and it works perfectly-

I'd ring auto locksmiths in your area for quotes and go from there.

strange stoney same one as me :P
[quote name='artscot79' timestamp='1342302409' post='193562']
strange stoney same one as me :P
If you mean the key seller? He's as good as gold and his keys are always brand new and work perfectly.
Paul Silvester
Thanks for the advice guys.. So if I were to buy one of those keys youve bought for £30, and take it to Ford, they'd be able to make it work with my car, is that right? Sorry to sound really dense, Im used to my Escort that didnt have any form of RCL.
You can ask Ford but it will depend on if they are in a good mood and if they actually know what they're doing.
My local dealer is useless and insist on doing a diagnostic before having anything to do with any may be lucky though.
Paul Silvester
Point taken.. I gather its best to go to them first regardless.. Was hoping to avoid that and pay out more money lol. Thanks for your help tho
Strangely irritiating, stoney, my dealer was exactly the same... you could tell them the error, you could clear the DTC, generate it again and still they wont believe you, then they act all high and mighty when they said "our extensive diagnostics found...." = 'yeah, what I told you in the first place and you just charged me the best part of £100 for!'...

as for Ford, some dealers can be good, some can be awkward, as stoney said, some will refuse unless you buy it from them directly, because they are low on capital and need another costly job to make the million pound marker for the month...

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