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Full Version: Bye Bye Fiesta :-(
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After 4 years of trouble free motoring we are finally saying goodbye to our trusty Fiesta. I wasnt going to get rid of the car but the decision has been forced on me by the NHS screwing up an operation which has left me with very limited use on my left hand. thedamage has meant that it has become increasingly painfull to drive a manual car so I have had to go for an Auto now. Also the operation wasnt as successfull as we were hoping inasmuch that I cannot walk far without getting short of breath. I am on full Disability living and mobility allowance, this means that I now qualify for a brand new car on the Motability Scheme and this is what I have now done. I checked the availiabilty as to what was availiable without incurring an additional deposit which some cars have added to them, sadly this included many of the Fords. Only the very basic Fiestas came without this surcharge. Eventually I found something that was deposit free, has loads of toys and gadgets, a fantastic warranty and a dealer that bent over backwards to ensure that I got what I needed. That car is a Kia Cee'd 1.6 diesel auto and I should be taking delivery next week. The Fiesta meanwhile is going to a good home. The dealer I originally bought it from is buying it back off me and he has a buyer lined up already. The car is 13 years old now and in tip top condition, (so it should be after all the money we've spent on it.) so although it's a great car and I shall be sad to see her go I've got to be practical. If in the future some of the Focuses (or should that be Focii ? ) come into the no deposit zone then my next car may be another Ford. In the meantime I shall look forward to the Cee'd and become the "Star in the reasonably priced car!" :)
Sorry to hear that mate, but at least you have found something decent to get on with.
Just like Jeebowhite you are now a honorary Fordownersclub member without a Ford.
At least you didn't go evil on us and get a Vauxhall (spit) :P
WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! another friend who shares the same motor as me! ignoring the fuel and transmission of course! lol

I hope you find the Cee'd an excellent step up in the market, it feels more like a focus than a fiesta, and is a very comfortable drive! if you have any questions on it, just drop me a pm!
...Although I expect you will be getting the brand spanking new 2012 plate Cee'd which is even more mouthwatering! :P

ooh... which model did you go with? 1 / 2 / 3 / 4?
WOOOOOO! Jeebowhite doesn't feel lonely anymore. :P
damn right! lol :P now I get to have another forum member support the idea that the Cee'd is an excellent motor!

Full Colour Version: Bye Bye Fiesta :-(
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