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Full Version: Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 Clicking Noise ?
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Im obviously new on here so had a hunt around to make sure the question hasnt be asked already.

I have a Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 2001 with 73k on the clock.When im driving sometimes there is a clicking noise coming from underneath the bonnet and can do it when im parked up with the engine running,the noise comes from the area of the cambelt so not sure if its the alternator or starter motor clicking.There is like a slight ramping also what i mean is that its sounds like its revving by itself but only just noticable.

Any idea guys and girls ?
timing belt tensioner if the car hasnt had it ide seriously get a timing belt kit done the ticking can be a sign the tensioners going to go wrecking the engine
How much will that set me back ?
your not using the A/C are you?
No I'm not but I know what u mean cause it sounds like that when it clicks on but only does it every now and then
It could be the A/C clutch but most likely cam belt tensioner bearings.
Is that anything major ? Cost very much ?
well the timing belt is capable of doing 100k plus however the tensioner isnt if it goes it will snap the timing belt resulting in bent valves a engine strip down job costing big bucks best phone around for a timing belt kit must be a kit not just a belt prices are £250-300plus from what prices have been put up on here the tensioner can go anytime ide have it looked at you dont want it snapping at least a garage can confirm if it is the tensioner though on a car of that age and mileage ide ahve it done anyway

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