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Full Version: Cambelt Change
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Hiya, i am about to do a cambelt change on ford fusion 2007.

has anyone done one of these and do they have any tips to make it easier.

have you ever changed one before? you will need a locking kit
hiya, i have never done one of a fusion, i have done one on a fiat punto a couple of times and i have done one on a renault scenic.

Sorry i wrote 2007 i actually meant 2003, it also has 68000 on the clock. Would you recommend changing the waterpump aswel.

Regarding the locking kit, i have never used a kit before, i just use the timing marks and i use a couple of paint markers to mark up all the pulleys and cams so that they are always inline, then turn it over by hand a few times and make sure they are all lined up, i have never had a problem before. Has anyone done one without a locking kit and never had any troubles.

Is there enough room to do it down the side of the engine or will i have to remove the wheel and arch covers.

i dont know if the water pump is driven off the cam or aux belt?

to do the job properly and make sure the timing is 100% spot on you will need a locking kit as paint marks are no good when you remove the pulleys from the shafts - they are a taper fit and no key way to line up

you will no doubt need to remove the wheel arch liner too mate
Done my zetec se 1.4. yesterday,used the locking tool(small pin goes in hole to left of crankpulley,u should be undoing a bolt with a short fat stub on the end and you got the right one) I done crank locing pin first,then the cam locking bar,had to tease the exhaust cam over a touch to fit which is fine if its a tiny amount,use spanner on camshaft,slacken cam pulley bolts,dont use setting pin to hold crank it will break,same for the cam pulley bolts ,then you are supposed to slacken crank pulley bolt by lockin up crankshaft properly(i cowboyd it by cutting cambelt cover down and breaking lower part away slowly,bad I know lol)then support engine on trolley jack,undo engune mount( breaks down to three pieces)i had no way to slacken tensioner off as there seemed to be no locating pin apperature??, slid belt of v.carefully as the cam pulleys are plastic and very brittle,new belt on,new tensioner on,run new belt on going crank anticlock wise,pull pin out of new tensioner(this one had the locating hole)belt tensions and all pulleys turn slightly,do up pulley bolts,new one for crank with locktite if you have removed,remove locking tools,spin by hand to cheack all ok,check cam and crank setting tools fit,engine mout on,cover on done. All seems good,off to mcy ds!

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