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Full Version: Crack In Coolant Tank - Help !!!
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Richard Booth
Good evening all,

First time poster in need of some assistance.

The wife came home this afternoon and got me to look at her 02 Plate Fiesta (1.3l Duratec). She said she could see some steam (not much) coming from under the bonnet. She had just driven 2 miles accross Stafford.

After popping the bonnet up I could see a little steam coming out. Upon further inspection I could see a rough bulge on the side of the coolant tank, and then when I peered at the back of the tank I could see a very slight crack where the coolant was coming out (all be it very very slowly).

Is it a straightforward case of getting a new coolant tank or is the fact that there was a small amount of steam coming from the radiator be a worry also ? Dare I say head gasket ??? :(

Many thanks in advance

I'd just change the coolant tank, regarding head gasket - is there oil in the coolant tank, water in the oil or creamy gunge in the oil filler cap? - if not don't worry it's not head gasket
You should be OK with just changing the tank. Due to the loss of pressure in the system the coolant would not have been circulating as well as it should and would have boiled at a lower temperature causing the steam. The rad may have got hotter than usual as well and the steam you saw from that may have just been burning off condensation or rain water if it was a damp day.

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