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Full Version: Leaking Water In Drivers Footwell
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I noticed the other day a few drops of water in the drivers footwell, I though it was off my shoes but yesterday when it was raining I noticed drops of water coming from near the accelerator pedal. What could it be, I only bought the car a couple of months ago, it is not covered by the three month warranty but the garage have kindly offered to sort it for free. However, I was just wondering what it could be and whether this will be a big job. Is there anyplace I can look to see what may be causing the problem. I am a woman so no nothing about cars. :rolleyes:
Its probably just the build up of dirt and leaves etc blocking the drainage points under the windscreen. If the rain doesnt drain quickly enough it finds a way in through the grommets and fixings that are under there.
Thanks how do I fix this, can I do this myself or am i better taking it to the garage.
[i]You just need to get your hand in there and scrape it out. The drainage holes shouls be at each end. Make sure they are clear.[/i]

[i]Im not sure what the access is like on your car though as I havent owned that model Fiesta.[/i]
I had this same problem and it turned out that the plastic cover (otherwise known as the cowl) was not clipped into place properly and it virtually flooded my whole car. If you need any more help or want me to post pictures of what I mean then let me know. At the very least it will rule that out. I drive a 2002 Ford Focus but it may be a similar process.

Don't forget to check sun roof drain holes as well.

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