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Full Version: 1.8 Duratec Rough Idle Grr!
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hey fellas,
bought a 1.8 duratec 2001 mondeo yesterday, all is fine except somestimes it hunts a little,
when first started idles hight like normal, the the auto choke cuts out like normal, idles fine, then after about 5 mins the revs fall down to just below 800 and it starts to hunt a little bit,
if you rev it, it will idle fine, then after a while go down to 800 again.

another think i noticed, when i rev it and let off the revs take a while to come down.

oh and sometimes its hard to start.
fintious maximus
Seems fairly common on this age of Mondeo (mine included) that they benefit from new plugs, leads and coil pack. Mine was a bit rough and hunting when I bought it and changed above and it was fine. Just started to hunt a bit at 2k rpm again but it did have an ebay special coil pack on so now looking at getting a better one. Hope this helps
i changed the coilpack for a genuine one, new set of plugs, still dont seem to have changed it, i was thinking maybe the idle control vale? when i un-plug it, it makes no diffrence to the running of the car what-so-ever. adam

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