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Full Version: Dump Valve
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Hi I've just bought a dump valve for my focus st 225 ,,,,,, I haven't even fitted it yet but already know it was a mistake,,,,,, keeping my car standard ,, one drunken moment on eBay , lesson one do not go on eBay when you are having a few tins
Okay... what's the point of this post though :P!?
Is it a recirculating one? If not you'll sound like a chav!
The point is don't buy stuff when your PISSED!!!!!!
you have paid for it, so you may as well have it fitted. they do sound awesome B)
Paddy H
I think these sounds very Chavvy! no offence to you mind but... Theres a few corsa's, Astras kicking around here with the cheap loud dump valves fitted. I cringe for them.

Also, if I'm very drunk and I'm on my laptop... i normally tend to go on a more 'exciting' site, with bit of selection, caters for all tastes.. if you get me? :rolleyes:
I've come VERY close to buying a project mx-5 on eBay whilst drunk...thank god someone outbid me.
but he has a car which will take a dump valve. u cant send it back for a reason because u was drunk. ive never heard of anyone having problems with them once fitted. at least fit it see how u feel after a few months if not. stick it back on ebay when drunk :D

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