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Full Version: '05 Focus Spitting / Chugging.. Any Ideas??
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Paul Silvester
A couple of days ago the engine light come on on my '05 Focus Climate and it was chugging, seemed like it was running on only 3 plugs, so I had a look and noticed rusty water around spark plugs 1 and 2 - I know this is a common water jet leaking issue, so I cleaned it all up, reset the engine light and it ran perfectly. This evening however, its started chugging again, but this time there is no water around the plugs, everything there is bone dry. Also - I cant be sure as I cant remember what the water level was a couple of days ago, but the water level is now on minimum.. As I say I cant be sure Ive lost water, but I like to think I would have noticed that it was on minimum.. It hasnt left any puddles or anything anywhere, so theres no obvious signs of leaking.. Can anyone give me any pointers?? Has this happened to anyone else? What is it likely to be? Ive only had the car a week and so not looking to spend out on it already..
Andy 1965
It could be the plug leads or the coil pack. Also, take off the oil filler cap to check for emulsification which will show up like milky white oil. If the oil is okay, it is more than likely an electrical fault.
possibly the water leaking into the spark plug ports c an cause the coolant plugs to rust which will allow coolant through removing a plug should show this
You said the engine light came on, can you tell us the diagnostics codes? You can do the [url=""]focus dash trick[/url] to find them out.

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