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Full Version: Turbo Whine Focus
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I have a 2006 Focus 1.8TDCi LX, I recently developed a split in the Longest of the Intercooler pipes causing a Hiss on boost. I replaced the pipe, I now have a Loud whining noise when the Turbo kicks in.

The only way to describe this sound is "Fan belt Squeal", Power is not restricted, No smoke from back end, Its just a really horrible noise which turns heads.
12 hours of "Googling" brings up Turbo Bearing may be failing, or lack of oil.

Ford want £90 per hour, and £1300 for a new turbo
Any Ideas or experiences would be much appreciated
Hi i had problem with turbo and now i know one guy who can restore turbo very cheap. like example he take from me 120 pound and my turbo was totally dead. If u wanna i can give his number. (Sorry for my language i am from Lithuania :) )
First thing you need to check is the oil line to the turbo is clear and the turbo is actually getting oil , Frequent oil changes are needed if you want to keep the turbo in good running order.
A bit late as I have just sold it and bought a Mondeo, The noise was actually the 40mm, 90 degree hose coming off the turbo, I had made a repair by using a special tape from a car shop, the noise was being caused by a piece of tape being sucked into the 3" slit thus making the noise, Kind of like putting a blade of grass between your fingers and blowing.

problem solved, £50 for a new pipe.

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