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Full Version: "motorway" Chevron's
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OK, so I regularly drive the M2, which has the whole "keep two chevrons apart" thing going on, and people never seem to acknowledge them, so as a minimum, how would you keep yourself seperated on a motorway?

So, if you dont know what I mean so far:

U represents your car
> represents the fixed chevrons painted on the road
T represents the car ahead!

A.) U > > T (Lane two in the picture above)
B.) U> >T (Lane three in the bottom of the picture above)
C.) U T (sitting on the chevron)
D.) >U T> (Lane three to the right of the HGV)

I personally try to keep in the A) format, but think the HGV's have it right, if its bad weather, I will do what the two HGV's in lane one are doing! leaving 2.5 + chevrons between them!
The chevrons are basically an enforced two second rule system.
It would take two seconds to go from one chevron to another at 70mph.
Agreed "Only a fool, breaks the two second rule!" and it makes it nice and easy for traffic officers to spot tailgaters! but even then people just dont give them the thought that they ought to, and I wonder how many of us would leave additional space between them, rather than the bare minimum of c)
I'm a B person myself... Where I an see one chevron in front of my bonnet, and one under the boot of the car infront...

I hate people that cut in or overtake using the gap I've left too!!!
Problem is that if they cut in and then jab the brakes you hit them and you get done.
I had someone do that on purpose a couple of years ago hoping to put in a claim but soon papped himself when he realised I was in uniform and driving an unmarked car.
dont have any Chevrons in ireland's motorway roads but we could do with them.
but since we dont have any then id be option C in the above and from my understanding that is two car lengths from the car in front.
Paddy H
[quote name='TDCiST' timestamp='1343227257' post='196448']
I'm a B person myself... Where I an see one chevron in front of my bonnet, and one under the boot of the car infront...

Im exactly the same, but like said.. Guving the option for other drivers dip in and our the gap causing the system to mess up. Lorrys are the only ones who abide by this correctly in my eyes.
Agreed, some drivers get over complacent. I am tempted to buy a "black box" from halfords. a brilliant idea IMHO! just a shame they often cost so much!
I'm B myself. I'll always try to keep two between the car in front but a gap that big someone always pulls in and forces me to pull back slowing the car behind me!

As much as people can try its almost impossible to keep two between you. Some idiot will always pull in front or come right up behind you!
Yeah agree'd, as far as I am concerned, someone can kiss my bumper, its only their insurance anyway that would be affected, as for infront, well, I prefer A, keep the maximum distance between you, but without being so slow you drop the motorway to a crawl!

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