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Full Version: Best Polish To Use For Getting Scratches Out
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I am new to this forum so go steady on me!

We have recently brought a 2010 Ford Fiestz Zetec S (Street Pack) in Arctic White, and while my partner was driving home last night, she went over a higher than normal speed bump.
This has caused some scratches to the front bumper/splitter, about 6 in all, took the paint off (light grey underneath) but not made any deep holes/grooves,
What would you recommend I could use to try and get these out?
Recommended polish?
Touch up pen?

Thanks everyone

the best and cheapest solution is to go down to halfords take your colour code in should be inside drivers door on a sticker, theyll mix you some paint in a little pot and give you some laquer.

get a realy small art style paint brush and put tiny amounts in the scratches till its about level , you wont get this perfect but dont worry.

leave it for a good 3 - 4 hours.

get some medium grade polish like t-cut or scratch restore, polish it with finger on a cloth and concentrate just on the small area close to the scratch, when it looks blended in put a small amount of laquer on (need a steady hand for this as it can look a bit crappy if you get it over existing good paintwork) then go over whole car or area with a light polish, i recomend g3 or autoglym resin polish.

thats the best finish you'll probably get by hand.
[*]Thank you for the reply, most appreciative. Just to make sure I described correctly! As it is the plastic splitter, it is more like a rubbing from the speed bump, yes they are scratches about 6 , but not the conventional ones you would get say from a key or sharp finger nail. I have never attempted anything like this before, so the most easiest or shall we say "less damage i could further cause" solutiuon would be brilliant!
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]If you think that the marks are a deposit from the speed bump and on the surface of the paint, they can be removed with a mild abrasive metal polish or even toothpaste then use T cut and then car polish. if the speed bump has removed the bumper paint then do as raskL Phil suggested.[/font][/size][/color]

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