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Full Version: Focus 06 Sony "phone"
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Hi All,

Just bought a used '06 Focus Ghia with the Sony head unit.

Occasionally, it decides to display "PHONE", and will not do anthing else.

There is no Phone attached, and all the buttons on the head unit seem to do nothing to get rid of it.

Does anyone know the reason why this message appears, and how to stop it?
Did the last owner badly remove a car kit?

It's an intermittent glitch, I had that once.
Restart the car and it seems to go.
[quote name='UserFriendly666' timestamp='1343304300' post='196675']
Did the last owner badly remove a car kit?
Maybe ... or there is something else wrong with the wiring. The radio has one input pin (phone mute / PTA), which will put the radio into phone mode (mute, respectively playing the phone audio if connected) when pulled to ground. An intermittend short to ground on this pin would cause the behaviour you describe.
Thanks for the posts, guys.

Stoney871, removing the [i][b]cars battery [/b][/i]doesnt change the "PHONE" state sometimes! It does almost change state all by itself.

Tomtom70, sounds like I gotta play behind the head unit to find this shorting lead. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I go about this?

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