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I must say I think dynamo is amazing don't know how he does it but ,,,,,,, he makes me believe in magic,,,,,, first class ,,,,,,, does anybody agree????????
When you know how most of the tricks are done it all gets a bit repetitive unfortunately.
Yea I can understand that!!!!!! But first time seeing him
His first series was good but the second one is looking a bit slack IMHO.
Its different compared to what ive seen in the past, well majority of his stuff is anyway.. I like it
Yea a lot of card tricks very cleaver ,,, I must keep watching ,,, there only as good if they keep doing new tricks, if he keeps doing the same tricks he might get boring!!
the latest episode when he 'walked' down the side of LA Times building was clever
i liked it when he disapered through the window at some posh launch by a footballer.
and the 1 where he left a group of people on a verander to be seen iirc about 300 yards away standing on a platform all within seconds.

the card tricks can be found on you tube,and my middle boy is bloody brilliant at doing them.
Paddy H
When he dissapeared through the window at Rio's posh party he actually crawled around.. the bouncer / doorman stepped in front to block the view.

The one where he stood with a group of people with an air horn, that was a dummy, rewind, you don't actually see his face on the air horn one its a prop.

I do like him, he's on a different level but some are easy to spot if you look behind his illusion.
When he twists iPhones in half you can see him slip a plastic sleeve over one end.
I figured out the window one immediately.
Watch magics secrets revealed, the 'masked magician' Valentino shows how all the tricks are done and the simple explanation as to how the dissapearance of large things and people are done is that the audience is ALWAYS in on the gag.
Everything else is misdirection and carefully planned camera angles.
First time I saw him on TV he went behind a fence and lifted up a sheet so you could just see his head above it and next thing you know he's in front of the fence.
Unlucky for him the camera man didn't zoom in enough or get the correct angle and you could see the shadow from him lifting his legs over but still impressive how his head basically stayed in the same place.

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