Evening all!

Just purchased a 04 Focus 1.6 today from a 'reputable' dealer!

Upon checking the car out, taking for a test drive etc last week, I noticed the Fuel light was on and Guage on the red. The dealer advised this was due to the fact the car was traded-in with next to nothing in the tank. After agreeing to purchase, I collected the car today with apparently £10 fuel put in the tank by the dealer, in order to get me up the road(8 miles). I noticed the Fuel light and Guage where as previously stated, but was reassured upon putting in more fuel in, this would then change.
I made it home, and on route for more fuel later this evening, I suddenly came to a hault!! No fuel in the tank? £10 gone in a mere 10mile drive? It appeared so. I managed to get to a petrol station, fill up a canister of £7, got me going again, drove round to fill up a futher £20....still no movement on the Guage and the Fuel light was still on!! WTF?? Any ideas what the problem could be??

Phonecall to the Dealers in the morn I think, not impressed at all!!

Cheers folks!