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Never owned a garage before, but landlord has one going in the car park to the rear of our apartments, and the garage is rather big too!

Renting that alongside our apartment, £45 a month doesn't seem so bad, and is much needed with the lack of space we have.

Is it sad I'm excited to get it filled with car bits :rolleyes:
Always garage the Fiesta, much better having a car in there than junk nobody's looked at in 10 years!

If the Focus could fit, it would be in there too!
Garage makes your car safe, so its worthwhile! and just for the massive savings in alsorts lol (depending where you live it could save you some damage at least!)
I have a large garage , but i never park in there lol , i just can't do with the hassel of putting it in there and then getting it back out the next day , the garage will fit my Focus and wife's Nissan Micra, length ways . I use it as my work shop though and if i need to do something on the car i always pull it in there.
Must say I think I would get annoyed with the hassle of getting the Focus in and out everytime I needed to go out.
Have a garage . But since had a Drive in place of front lawn so no need for it. However now there are 3 drivers in the family one car is parked outside said garage. The old tradition of sorting garage out beckons
Get electric doors and a fob attached to your sun visor like many american's factory fitted 'home link' feature. That'd make it much easier.:)
Im the only person in our road that uses their garage to put a car in. Ive got the other car in the car port which only needs a garage door to make it into another garage. Im just trying to find a door that matches the one I already have.

We live in a mews and with everybody owning two or more cars it gets pretty tight out there.

Couldn't live without one.
We are lucky with plenty of parking spaces here, means more room for stuff in the garage!

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