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Full Version: Mk2 Lowering Help
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Ok guys, I bought some lowering springs and fitted them with a help of a mate, the pair of us did the fronts and I had to pop out and he did the rears.. all sounds well but i have a slight creaking so im not sure if the rears are sitting in right.. now he has gone away and i cant get hold of him to ask how he managed to replace the springs..

I just need to know how to get the rear springs out - do i have to remove the shock? I have tried using the spring compressors but got no where :(

any help appreciated :D
You have to either drop the shock or remove it, but i doubt you should be worried,as my back springs creaked and squeaked for a while until they settled down, make sure you have taken some material off your bump stops, if you bought a kit it should come with a note telling you how much to lower them by, by bump stops i mean the very top metal disc with rubber trim in your boot, it has a metal tube which goes through the body onto the rubber boot. Take material off of this end, i got 40mm lowers so i had to take off 20mm from the stop.
Thats great, cheers.. Now you mentioned bump stop.. im not entirely sure where to find this. will it be when i remove the shock? or is it what the top of the springs sits in.. because the shock and spring are seperate im not sure.

Why the MK2 focus couldnt be like the MK1 I have no idea
The lay up usually is (working from bottom up) shock, spring, spring retainer, rubber stop, body, bump stop, then a mounting bol which torques the bump stop down onto the rubber stop, rubber stop prevents the shock lifting up through the body and bump stop vice versa but if its not trimmed there is a gap between the body and the bump stop, this probably is causing the squeaking, hope this helps
The mk2 focus is different. The shock is seperate from the spring

Thanks for your help :)

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