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Full Version: Focus 1.6 Chic Zetec Se Irregular Idle & Hesitating Acceleration
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Hi All, I currently own the above Ford Focus Mentioned.

I Purchased the vehicle in June 2012 and since then have noticed that on tickover the engine revs irratically like as if its hunting, Not all the time but quite often, also I have noticed that if i Try and accelerate hard its doesnt seem very responsive and when i do hit the High revs IE 5000+ it sometimes goes spluttery like kangaroo feel not major but you can feel it.

Sorry if i have totally confused anyone by the above post but I dont know how else to describe it.

I have changed, Plugs, Leads, All filters, Fresh oil etc.

Tried unpluggin the MAP sensor this made no difference so I am really puzzled I was just wondering if anyone has come across the same problem if so can they point me in the right direction rather than throw money in the wrong areas.

Kind Regards
sounds like the coil pack to me common issue also make sure the plugs are gapped at 1.0mm some are pregapped at the old 1.3mm
Thanks for your quick reply, is it worth buying one off ebay or shall I buy the original ford part.
only buy an ebay one if its a genuine part with the mofoco label removed i got one from there that was genuine far cheaper than the dealers
If the car didn't run any different when the MAF sensor was disconnected it suggests that the sensor isn't working. However I would have thought the tick over would be far worse if it wasn't working. The coil pack sounds like a good starting place and then may be look at changing or cleaning the sensor if that doesnt work.
I've just changed the coil pack as I had the same rough idle 30 from the breakers yard it's driving like new and very responsive!...
Just to update you all of my recent spend I have just replaced the coil pack and its still the same with no change whatsoever, i'm running out of things to do now the only 3 I can think of which i havent changed is

1. Idle Control Valve
2. Map Sensor
3. Throttle Positioning Sensor

Anyone got any suggestions
it looks ike it could be a trip to ford mate to avoid spending more ide say icv from past experience but its worth having it checked it may need a software update
maybe my car needs it.
Deffo gonna get it booked into main dealers I think is the best option, another thing i noticed this morning whilst accelerating quite firmly that when i took my foot off the pedal at quite high revs and dipped the clutch to change gear i noticed as if the engine was revving after I had taken my foot off the accelerator like as if it was trying to grab some extra breath or as if there was pressure being built up , you'd swear there wasa dump valve on it lol but not quite that loud and I know it wouldnt be a dump valve :)
these issues theres a long list of suspects coil pack,plugs,leads,maf sensor,pcv hose collapsed,pcv valve blocked,blocked breather hose,faulty diode in pcm,icv valve to name the most common and its expensive to change all the coil and leads are the most common of all
Here are two videos of some of the live data on my care are these readings normal ? Cause I haven't got a clue :(

Thanks All
Just to update you all finally solved my problem, I took my Focus up to the main dealers and they plugged it in for diagnostics and it came up on their system that my car needed a PCM update & reprogram they done this for me 65 + vat and it's running like a dream now very happy indeed :)
did i not say that originally saved you a small fortune there lol
To right wish I had thought of doing that in the beginning before replacing all the parts I had changed but I suppose one way to look at it is there's a few new parts on there which should see me through for a while lol :)

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